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Kernza® is our hero ingredient. It’s a cereal relative to wheat, but perennial. This means that it grows year over year, without dying at the end of the season. This helps recover soil, prevent erosion and degradations, less use of inputs, and sequester more C02!

Kernza® grain is harvested from intermediate wheatgrass (Thinopyrum intermedium). This cousin of annual wheat has been grown throughout the USA to provide fodder for livestock. It was domesticated by The Land Institute in the US, as a grain for human food.

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Benefits of Kernza perennial wheat

Why is Kernza® Important?

Kernza grain explained

Soil Health

Why choose Kernza for sustainable farming?


Kernza availability Netherlands, Spain

Perennial grain


Our current extensive and intensive agricultural practices, which predominantly rely on single-crop monocultures, pose a significant risk to the essential environmental and social systems we rely on. The introduction and adoption of perennial grain crops offer a powerful and revolutionary solution. These grains can not only provide sufficient food for humanity but also significantly mitigate the negative impacts associated with the disruptions and dependencies created by industrial-scale agriculture.

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