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Kernza®, is more than an ingredient, is a narrative of change, a possibility of a sustainable future where food is not just consumed but respected.

Our story is about the long-term, and about getting back to the roots – literally.

With Manto, we stand with nature, not against it. We’re on a journey to bring you the flavors you love while laying the groundwork for a sustainable future—one where food production goes hand in hand with environmental care. Join us at the table, and be part of a movement that tastes as good as it feels.

Manto sustainable food mission


Manto is more than a delicious meal; it’s a message for change in the agricultural system. By championing Kernza® in our products, we’re not just introducing a tasty, nutritious alternative to your table—we’re actively creating a market that encourages European farmers to embrace this sustainable crop.

Our dream?

To see Kernza® fields blooming across the continent.


We’re Caro, Colin and Jero, the trio behind Manto.
We all met at Fresh Ventures in Rotterdam, a place to
embrace ideas about how to make farming better for
the planet.
We are all coming from different places and industries, but
we have something in common. We all experienced
firsthand how broken our agricultural and food system is,
and decided to spend our life to leave it better than we
found it.

Leadership in sustainable agriculture Europe